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As the auto industry evolves, dealers need a solution. VINCUE is a powerful next-gen inventory management platform built by dealers for dealers.

A solution that compliments your DMS and CRM, enabling you to take control of all necessary dealership functions in one spot.

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New Capabilities

At VINCUE, customer feedback is paramount. VINCUE Performance Managers and Data Scientists work with our partners on a daily basis to stay connected to the pressures and demands on dealerships.

Based on dealer feedback, VINCUE has created three new weapons for dealerships to gain and maintain their competitive edge:


VINCUE Re // Engage

VINCUE wants to take your UnSold leads and turn them into Sold leads with Re\\ Engage 

This scenario is one found in dealerships across the country every single day. You have a car with several interested customers, but only one will walk away with the car of their dreams. 

The remainder walk away, bringing their untapped demand with them.

VINCUE has the power to take those unserved customers and convert them into live opportunities. 

Introducing VINCUE Re \\ Engage, VINCUE’s new tool that connects that old lead to your new inventory — putting your supply right in front of the demand!

By working with your CRM, VINCUE identifies leads that just missed out on the vehicle of their dreams. So when VINCUE notices a car similar to the one your client missed out on has appeared in your inventory, you can automatically alert the consumer via text!

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The only automated digital advertising capability focused on promoting low-performing or dealer-specified vehicles directly to local market consumers. Boost spends less than a dollar per VDP view compared to current industry standard advertising vendors and channels, which can be three times higher or more. Boost delivers an average of a 396% lift in VDP views to low-performing inventory and an average of 435% more impressions directly to local, in-market shoppers.


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"Highest Authentic Value" Merchandising

VINCUE enables dealers to Capture the Full Authentic Value of Their Inventory by de-commoditizing their vehicles.


  • Creating more compelling vehicle presentations (VDP) that build up perceived value of the vehicle relative to price
  • Enabling customized inventory syndication to ad presentation with all websites
  • Placing targeted merchandising banners on VDPs to attract consumer attention
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Connect With Us At The Show:

  Danny Zaslavsky | Jan 28, 2023 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM | Room D168

Join Our Session

Using Data to Change Decisions, Behaviors and Culture

Follow the example of a general manager — obsessed with data, technology and efficiency — who quantified every step of the inventory lifecycle to identify efficiencies, eliminate waste and take advantage of any and all opportunities to minimize costs and maximize effort.

Learn how prioritizing data and outcomes over instinct can yield the Highest Authentic Value of your inventory.

“Independents are the innovators, independents are the unchained, independents carry the potential to risk more, achieve higher - grow to better our teams, communities and industry. That is why I love being independe
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VINCUE VR Experience

A Day In The Life of A Dealership Using VINCUE

By harnessing the power of virtual reality, we're able to show you VINCUE hard at work, in an environment where it has been implemented and is actively increasing turn and driving profit — right from our booth!

You'll see exactly how our end-to-end solution provides dealers with the comprehensive data they need to make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

Meet the Team

Be on the lookout for these familiar faces, plus many more members of the VINCUE team, while you're at the show! 

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Chris Hoke
Danny Zaslavsky
Managing Partner
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Nicki Hodges
Chief Operations Officer
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Angela Rizzo
Chief Marketing Officer
Untitled design (63)
Michael Hopkins
Chief Client Experience Officer
Untitled design (64)
Zak Khalemsky
Vice President of Sales
Untitled design (54)
Jeremy Bravard
Senior Director, Sales
Untitled design (55)
Jordan Arcuri
Senior Regional Sales Manager
Untitled design (56)
John Morris
Senior Regional Sales Manager
Untitled design (57)
Adam Aulepp
Regional Sales Manager
Untitled design (67)
Addison Housh
Regional Sales Manager
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